What Happens the Day of My Procedure?


The Visian ICL surgical process is an outpatient procedure performed at the Seton Medical Center Outpatient Surgery Center.

  1. When you arrive on your surgery day, your doctor will apply anesthetic eye drops to minimize any possible discomfort.
  2. Your anesthesiologist will give you a sedative for the surgery.
  3. Your doctor will then create micro incisions in the edge of your cornea.
  4. The lens is implanted into your eye.
  5. No sutures are necessary to close the incisions.
  6. When you awake from the procedure you will notice an immediate improvement in your eyesight and will be back to your daily activities in less than one day.

Most patients report that the procedure is virtually painless.

Feel free to contact us today to schedule your Vision Consultation to see if you are a good candidate for Visian ICL.