Diabetic retinopathy

Treatment for Retinal Problems

Pacific Eye Specialists has a team of doctors who can treat retinal problems stemming from diabetes, trauma or aging. The retina is the tissue at the back of the eye that converts images to electric signals to the brain. When the retina is damaged, your vision becomes impaired. Left untreated, retinal problems will eventually cause blindness.


People with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes often have high blood-sugar levels, which can lead to damaged/weak blood vessels in the retina that begin to leak blood or serum. This can lead to blurred vision, focusing difficulties, floaters, pain or loss of vision. Treatment may include laser surgery or vitrectomy, which removes vitreous gel from the eye and replaces it with a saline solution.

Video: Diabetic Eye Care

Retina Diabetic Injection Laser Edema


Retina Diabetic Injection Macular Edema


Retina Diabetic Laser Macular Edema


Retina Diabetic PDR Laser


Retina Diabetic PDR Vitrectomy