Monovisìon describes a situation where one eye is slightly nearsighted (myopia) and one eye is corrected to provide good distance vision. For many people, the brain automatically adjusts to use the better eye for the appropriate visual task. The nearsighted eye focuses well on near objects and can be used for reading or similar activities. The corrected, distance-sighted eye can be used for driving, sports, or other activities requiring distance vision.

For someone who has presbyopia, monovision reduces your dependence on distance glasses and near glasses. While you may be able to read a dinner menu, labels and price tags, you may still need reading glasses for fine print and prolonged reading. Sometimes distance glasses may be required for night driving. People who have successfully simulated monovision through contact lenses may want to consider the option of monovision for laser refractive surgery.

VIDEO:  Monovision to Correct Presbyopia