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Alcohol’s Effects on Night Vision

Posted by administration on July 16, 2014

We all know that alcohol impairs judgment and coordination and slows reaction time.

But here is yet another reason to cut back on your alcohol consumption: A study coming out of the University of Grenada has shown that overconsumption can also adversely affect your night vision. The study examined 67 subjects who had consumed various quantities of wine. The researchers used a “halometer” visual test to determine the level of night vision disturbances and optical image quality. What they found was that the greater the breath alcohol content level, the greater the visual disturbance.

Why Alcohol Affects Vision

Alcohol disturbs the tear film that covers the surface of the eye. The ethanol (intoxicating agent) present in alcoholic drinks disturbs the outer tear film layer, causing the aqueous part of the tear to evaporate. When tear film is disturbed, the image quality that forms on the retina is also negatively affected, leading to the presence of halos and other visual disturbances in night vision.

Pre-existing Vision Conditions

Now add into the equation a pre-existing vision condition, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism. If your vision is already impaired due to a refractive error and you consume alcohol, the tear film disturbance combined with poor choices (such as not wearing glasses or contacts) can lead to disastrous consequences for yourself and others. Laser vision correction in San Francisco can correct these types of refractive errors, but even having 20/20 vision will not reduce the negative effects of alcohol on your vision.

In the past, some LASIK patients also complained of night vision problems after their procedure; however, today’s laser vision correction technology has effectively reduced this type of complication of LASIK. To learn more about San Francisco LASIK and find out if you might be a good candidate for the procedure, contact Pacific Eye Specialists at 415-921-7555 or And whether or not you have laser vision correction, please never drink and drive. 

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Choose Sunglasses Wisely

Posted by administration on July 09, 2014

One of the top benefits that LASIK vision correction provides is the opportunity to wear any type of sunglasses you want. Patients who achieve 20/20 vision after LASIK are usually excited to get rid of their expensive prescription sunglasses and start choosing a variety of fashionable sunglasses off-the-rack.

While most people know that it’s important to wear sunscreen with a high SPF to protect their skin from sun damage, few worry about UV protection in their sunglasses. The fact is that UV radiation can lead to serious eye problems, including cancer, cataracts, macular degeneration, painful sunburns of the cornea (photokeratitis) and damage to the eye lens and other parts of the eye. You should wear sunglasses any time you are outdoors – even in the shade, even in winter, even if you wear contact lenses that block UV rays.

At Pacific Eye Specialists, we not only help people achieve better vision through our advanced LASIK technologies in San Francisco, we also want our patients to keep their eye health a priority after LASIK. When choosing sunglasses after LASIK, it’s important to look for UV protection details on the labels and choose shades that provide 100% UVA and UVB protection. The color and darkness of the lenses has no impact on the amount of protection. Frames that wrap around and cover the sides of the eyes are also beneficial in protecting your eyes from harmful rays. 

This subject is so important that scientists in Brazil have developed and installed a free self-serve sunglass UV testing kiosk in San Carlos so people can test how well their sunglasses block UV rays. In a test of 800 users of the kiosk, 20% found their sunglasses provided inadequate protection. If you are unsure about your own sunglasses, talk to your optician, optometrist or ophthalmologist or invest in a new pair of sunglasses that meet the right requirements.

To find out if you might benefit from LASIK and have the opportunity to choose any sunglasses you want, take the free online LASIK Self-Evaluation at Then call our doctors at 415-921-7555 to schedule your free LASIK Consultation

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Can Diabetics Have LASIK?

Posted by administration on July 03, 2014

Many people who have diabetes wonder if they can have LASIK to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism. There is no singular answer to this question; it depends on many different factors surrounding the patient’s eye health and overall health. Any reputable ophthalmologist will demand to know your medical history and current medical condition and will perform an extensive screening process before recommending LASIK.

LASIK should not be performed on diabetic patients who have:

  • Diabetic Retinopathy, a disease that causes damage to the blood vessels in the retina (back of the eye)
  • Uncontrolled blood sugar levels
  • Unstable vision prescription

If you are a diabetic, the first step in finding out if it is safe for you to have LASIK in San Fransisco is by scheduling a free LASIK Consultation at Pacific Eye Specialists. Our Board certified ophthalmologists will go to great lengths to ensure that your diabetes is controlled enough to support LASIK and allow for proper healing. It is possible for people with well-controlled diabetes to have successful LASIK procedures.

To learn more about diabetes and LASIK in San Fransisco, schedule a free LASIK Consultation by contacting Pacific Eye Specialists at 415-921-7555 or today. 

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Driving After LASIK

Posted by administration on June 27, 2014

LASIK vision correction in San Fransisco is a very quick procedure that is performed to correct a patient’s myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism with the ultimate goal of 20/20 vision without lenses. While most patients do not experience pain during the procedure, it is not uncommon for patients to feel anxious prior to surgery. Some patients may elect to take a mild sedative prior to surgery just to “take the edge off” and make it easier to fully relax.

Whether or not you take relaxation medication prior to surgery, you must arrange for someone to drive you home after surgery. Some patients are able to see more clearly immediately after surgery; however, your vision will not be completely stabilized and there can be sensitivity to light, glare or starbursts for the first few days after surgery. You may also still have the relaxation medication in your system.

Slight physical discomfort after LASIK may also make it difficult to drive home. These eye discomforts can include:

  • Itching
  • Tearing / watering
  • Mild burning sensation
  • Mild pain

It is important to refrain from rubbing your eyes after surgery, which is why you will be given an eye shield to wear for protection.

Each patient will heal at a different rate after LASIK. Some patients will be able to drive themselves to their post-operative appointment the next day while others may require help getting to and from the appointment. Pay attention to your own eyes and make smart decisions about driving after LASIK.

To learn more about what to expect after LASIK in San Fransisco, schedule a free LASIK Consultation at Pacific Eye Specialilsts. Our team will fully explain the LASIK process and perform tests to see if you are a good candidate for LASIK. Call 415-921-7555 or visit today. 

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Celebrate the Summer Solstice

Posted by administration on June 18, 2014

The summer solstice is Saturday, June 21, 2014 at 6:51am EDT. Hopefully you have plans to enjoy the longest day of the year with family and friends. According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, some countries celebrate Midsummer’s Day which occurs near the solstice. Legend has it that the dew on Midsummer’s Day morning has special healing powers to make old people look younger, and Midsummer’s Eve is a time for wishes and magic.

Whether or not you believe in such folklore, this year’s summer solstice may be the perfect time to find out if your wish for better vision could come true. At Pacific Eye Institute we have helped thousands of people reduce or eliminate their need for glasses and contacts through laser vision correction in Location. Many of our patients feel as though our LASIK technology truly is “magic” because after just a few short minutes of laser treatment they are already starting to see better. Of course, every patient heals at a different rate, but after a good night’s sleep most laser vision correction patients are able to see without glasses the next morning.

It’s important to note that even successful LASIK patients may require reading glasses later in life from a condition called presbyopia. This affects most people after age 40 and is caused as the eye lenses become less flexible as we age making it difficult to focus on up-close objects. So, the sooner you have laser vision correction as an adult, the longer you may be able to enjoy a lens-free life.

If you wish you could say goodbye to glasses or contacts, find out if laser vision correction might be right for you. Schedule a free LASIK Consultation at Pacific Eye Institute by calling 415-921-7555 or visiting to schedule your appointment online. You can also take our free online LASIK Self-Evaluation any time, day or night, to find out if you might be in the ballpark for this procedure. 

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